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With a cover, grate and

all, my China box is here!!!  I’m super pumped cause this thing is bad ass (and fuckin huge) I could cook a 100 pound pig easily, but  luckily for you if you were invited it’ll be a 52 pounder.  I think I’ll call him Wilbur Jr. I”m very excited for our Christmas Party is this Saturday at 6pm (in case any of you forgot).  I haven’t had this large a party in a while, and instead of dealing with beer bottles and doing the right thing with ‘recycling’ I’m gonna go ahead and buy my first keg.   I/we (Mandypants too) look forward to seeing everyone, and prepare for a damn good time!!!!  Oh and we’re doing the white elephant gift exchange again (a $20 dollar gift card to a unique restaurant or retail store).  We picked up our gift card!