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What a break!!

Well, it’s been quite a week.  Mandy and I have been working on the house like crazy, getting rid of shit and really organizing things.  It’s been great, it makes me all tingly inside. One of ‘my projects’ was to finally organize the garage and put my new tools up and super organized so t hat they’re easy access.  And having two peg boards makes you feel good.  The garage looks fantastic if I say so myself, and as you can see by the pictures, it was well worth the 3 hours of putting up new tool racks, and creating car stops, and laying out carpet to have a super efficient, clean garage again!!!  I’m not sure what I’m more pumped about the carpet, the tools, or the cars parked perfectly in the garage. Regardless, the whole house looks and feels fantastically clean and organized.  I’m nutso over being organized, especially after seeing so many people with clutter and crap everyone, and when you want to find something, or when you don’t use something for like 2 years and it just sits in a corner somewhere cause you can’t get rid of it!!!

 Garage 1

Garage 2