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Welcome to Unterhaching, Germany


Well it’s day 3 of my 2 week…err 3 week (maybe one month) work adventure to Germany. I’ve been here a few days now and it’s been very eye opening. Especially for the fact that I don’t know very much German. Although, I know understand and can relate to what it feels like to not speak any Spanish in Miami (what Mandy must feel like sometimes to be the only whitey when hanging with my family). Work has been super busy so I haven’t been able to experience the Bavarian culture very much. For example yesterday I had McDonalds for lunch and Chinese for dinner. Did you know there were Asians in Germany, that spoke German, but don’t have chopsticks in their restaurants? I did!

Some things I like and don’t like so far:

The cold sucks, although I can’t complain, it’s been beautiful the last few days with a high of 52F or 11c whichever you prefer. The cars are nice with most having seat warmers in the front and the back seats! The people are also nice, and there’s hardly no crime. Once I learn some German, and get some time I’ll really take advantage. For now, it’s Speichen sei Englisch?  Unterhaching, the city I’m in for work is nice, but I know central Munich is much prettier. The weather though has been amazing mid day, obviously in the mornings and evenings it isn’t pleasant.

I’m 15 minutes from central Munich and hope to experience it soon enough. The pictures are one of Mandy before I left all ready for the cold when she comes over soon, and the botttom picture is of a neighborhood we’re staying close to. Guten Tag!