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Welcome The Maris Family Blog

The Maris Family BlogHere’s another one that has jumped on the ‘blogging’ bandwagon. My ‘sister-in-law’ has created a blog for her husband and family to read while he is away in Iraq. Jason, Meredith’s husband has been deployed by the Marines and we anxiously await his safe return in October! Mandy and I already plan on talking to him via skype to stay in touch.

They have a beautiful 2 year old rug rat, who I’ve mentioned before, and another little lad on his way May 5th (date has been prearranged by Jason, who either loves Cinco de Mayo or just drinking!) Mandy and I are all ready for tike number 2, with Mandy already having purchased swim trunks and a hat for when we go to the beach! Jason & Mere: we’re with you both, and let us know what you need and we’ll be there faster than you know!