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The Best Program on a Mac – Bar Genie

There is one program on the Mac, that I rely on heavily!  It’s called BarGenie and the creators are geniuses!!  It’s a beautiful program where you can input, everything you have in your refrigerator, seasons cabinet, pantry, alcohol cabinet, wine, and beer, and it’ll come up with a combination of drinks you can make from all those ingredients!  Let me show you what I mean:

First you can see ‘this is what I have’ list on the right and a short list of all the drinks listed.

Now you can ‘see what I can make’.


Now you can ‘see what I can almost make’.


HOW RAD IS THAT!?!??  It’s a great party starter, and I’ve used a number of times.  Definitely the best piece of software I have ever paid for!!  Best thing is they just came out with a Windows Version!