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Souvenir Travel Traditions you can incorporate

[singlepic=33,320,240,,left]  When traveling everyone has their little souvenir tradition.  I’d like to share mine and hear some other people’s.

The first and most common thing is buying a magnet.  This is easy and they are very common.  I usually try to find unique magnets, for example ones where you can put a picture of yourself from that same trip. When I buy a magnet my requirement is it must be a very memorable place, so I don’t go magnet crazy.

The next thing I like to do is buy a shirt from a restaurant I really enjoyed.  This is pretty easy, but my requirement here is the food and service must be good, and the shirt needs to be really unique.

Buying a Calendar for the next year, this has been a recent addition to my souvenirs tradition.  This requirement is the pictures from the calendar are of beautiful scenery that I have seen or want to go back and visit.

My last but favorite travel tradition is buying a small picture of some beautiful scenery or something famous. For example I bought a small 6″ X 8″ picture of Hanauma Bay in Hawaii when I went last year.  This year I bought a fantastic picture of the Sydney Opera House lit up.  I’ll frame these and start a mural of these beautiful places.  I did not find something comparable from my Germany trip or from being in Perth.  This requirement is, it must be a place I have visited and really enjoyed.

I’d love to hear some other souvenir travel traditions you may have!