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Some things I will do different when buying our next car.

I’m writing this down because maybe it’ll help you, but it’s more to remind me not to do it next time.

  1. I should have been more anal about anything and everything!  Meaning, the inside of the car in the back it had some sand and I should have made sure they cleaned it, I should have caught them in their lie about the car being a ‘demo’ car. Etc.
  2. I should have paid attention to see if the car had manuals. 
  3. I should have given a slap-in-the-face offer first.
  4. Before I should have given the offer I should have a base price of what the car costs online, and have a comparable from cars.com or something. 
    If I go with no research on hand, and I see the car of my dreams, I will leave, research, and come back the next day.  If the car’s gone it wasn’t meant to be. 
  5. I will know what interest rates are, and either finance through a credit union, or know if I’m getting fucked over and how bad.
  6. I will be more patient about buying the car.