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So some stories about NY

Saturday night we went out till 6am, it was bad ass!  I stopped drinking about 3:30am, something you could NEVER do in Orlando when you’re out, but I could obviously do it at home.  New York night life doesn’t wake up till like 3am, the bar we went to from 11-3 wasn’t terribly busy, people in and out, but at 3 people were waiting in line to sit down (it was a sit down bar/restaurant).  I would like to consider myself the ‘Taxi King’.  I took a taki from Hoboken New Jersey to JFK Airport, definetely a long ride especially at 4am and when you’ve had an hour and a half of sleep because your cousin snores louder than a jet engine.  Along with going to bed at 2am after stuffing myself with good ass Cuban food.  Regardless, the driver was pretty interesting, all I remember is he talked a lot about no traffic, beautiful night, and working 12 hour days.  I took another taxi from Orlando airport to Mandy’s where my car was at, and this driver was a spanish greased hair pony tail very very quite man.  Somewhat disturbing he was, but luckily I made his life easier by speaking spanish to him. 

Oh and the taxi from Hoboken to JFK was 76 bucks, just for future reference for yourself.