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So if you REALLY REALLY know me

you would know where I’m at this exact moment.  Mandy (a first timer), Eddie (a Veteran), and Katy (a novice) are at the Dave show in Tampa hoping for ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘Time of the Season’, ‘#34’, and anything else that hasn’t been played in excess.  Regardless of what they play, it’s always a damn good show!  See you on the flip side for the set list from Almanac.  My guess for first song is ‘Hunger for the Great Light’.  I unfortunately don’t play the set list game on Ants, but I’m not that crazy obsessive. wink I also hope he ends with Tripping Billies.  I really hope to see some Warehouse members I’ve meet in the past years, we’re like celebrities at these shows now.  grin Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for everyone tomorrow.  On top of all that really pertinent information we get to have dinner with an old classic friend that recently purchased a house in Tampa his name is Lil’ Jay, and I look forward to catching up with him and him meeting some of my dearest friends and comrades.