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Shutting down HeyZeus and Mandy.org

Well, to be honest. All the posts that you have seen on here that ‘Mandy wrote’ I really wrote them. I know embarassing, Mandy is not into blogging as much as our list of friends there are on the side.
So, managing 4 blogs is a little much, and since Mandy isn’t going to make any effort (cause she doesn’t care and isn’t into blogging), I’m going to shut down the site, the site will point to HeyZeus.org. This of course unless you the readers coax Mandy into writing a post or commenting on how much you enjoy the writing I do for both Mandy and I. So, if I see any comments wanting to keep the site around with things that are going on in our life, please voice your opinion. If I don’t see any comments within a month, it’s goodbye HZ & M.org…..

I’ll publish a partial post Mandy TRUELY started to write…you can see it below this post.

This was a great site for our wedding details and background information about Mandy and I. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted….Best Wishes..