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Selling things online

Lately, I’ve been trying to purge my life of things I don’t need or use.  It’s been really good to sell or give away things we don’t really truly use.  It’s clutter, and we have enough storage problems with a wife that packs things worse than a rat (BTW, please help with Mandy’s Fundraising for her Marathon).  Anyways, we have gotten rid of the following things:  A treadmill, patio furniture, a sofa bed, an external hard drive, an airport express, a large dog cage, comic cards, 35mm film camera, a portable dvd player and DVD’s.  I’m still working on a selling  my comic book collection.  It feels good to get rid of things that are just laying around not being used to their full potential or often.  I’m a huge fan of the site Unclutter.com and enjoy reorganizing areas, and storage because our house is small enough as it is.  We’re also trying to make our design style minimalistic, which in general just looks better.

I’ve also realized the importance of “less is more” (I also finally get the linux joke in that too).  The less you have the easier it is (period).  A smaller car is easier to wash, same goes for a smaller dog, less house less storage, no trees no lawn maintenance, etc.  I appreciate the size of our house, it keeps our mess under control.

We’ve also been trying to realize that we don’t need ‘things’.  Things are just things, you can get more or less of them.  It’s funny growing up, all these things you were advised on make sense.