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On this past sunday morning

I received two voicemails from our dear friend Rob.  Obviously in a drunken stuper like he always calls me (get some A.A. Rob please!).  Anyways the first message was saying, he was leaving this girl and her gay friend at the club he didn’t want to go to in the first place.  This girl really likes him, but he isn’t ‘physically attracted’ to her (Rob; sex is sex, with a man or woman) Regardless, his second message was, “Zeus, I just want you to know since you didn’t answer to give me advice if I should leave them or not, I’m going to do what you would do, wait a little longer, then leave them!” Well, that’s exactly what he did, but he had to go back past the girl 3 times because the first time he wanted to say to the group he was sick and had to go home, a second time he had to use the potty, and the third he forgot to close his open tab. *sigh* Next time be prepared when you’re gonna leave someone, or if you do, just do it, that’s what Nike said.