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Myspace is the biggest garbage of all time

If you’re on myspace why don’t you try to create your own website at least. I think I hate myspace so much because everyone and their mother is on it and I don’t want to jump on that homo erotic bandwagoon. There are plenty of pre made scripts for your own website. Yes it connects your friends to other friends and there are plenty of hot girls on there, do something original with it. I can’t talk ‘too’ much shit because I’m on Facebook, however that shit is much cleaner (that’s tech talk) and I only use it so people come here to find out what’s going on with my life. I’ve recently thought about the pictures I have on my website and the things I say and I don’t feel like I’ve gone too far in dept with my personal life. I used to for some ****** *****. Regardless, I have my own site with my own originality even though everyone has a blog too, but mine’s fuckin special!