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My Tivo Series3 Dilemma

So as you know, I’ve been wanting a Tivo Series3 for a while now, and well, the itch has become more like a burn and it won’t go away. Since they’ve announced the Tivo Series3 HD for $300 bones, I’m leaning towards it as my ‘first tivo’ purchase for the bedroom.  Now, calm down tivo guys (I’m talking to you Celly & Gavin ), I plan on getting the full blown Tivo Series3 for the living room, but I think this is good start for me…baby steps…  Anyways, Best Buy has it for $300, and I have about $80 in gift cards that I’ve been saving up for something like this.  Amazon.com has the Tivo Series3 HD for $265.  I know I could get it cheaper at Best Buy in the end, but that $80 in gift cards could go towards something else closely related?  I’m not sure what to do. I’ve called BestBuy’s online store asking about price matching and they don’t do it against Amazon.  I wonder if someone would do an exchange of $80 in Amazon.com gift card for my Best Buy gift card.  Don’t they have a site for that?  I’ve seen where you can buy gift cards, but exchange them?  Hrmm….Well a quick google search gives me http://www.plasticjungle.com.  I’ll let you know what I decide.