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My online life

As I talked about my all in one solution I’m excited to keep you informed and add to it.  Let me begin by saying, that instead of using notepad for my GTD (getting things done) or to do list, I use Google Docs and Google Calendar in combination.  I still can’t get away from writing things down on paper, and the feeling of crossing things off.  Aight so with all that in mind, this is how I create my to do list now, since I was connected to Outlook at the hip!  I have a google document that lists each day of the week, and I fill that in for things I want to do and when.  I also sometimes enter items into Google Calendar for social things, tasks, or whatever else I want.  I know this is all boring to you, but this is awesome because my online life has grown, meaning it’s more mature, and strategic.  I love trying online apps to see how much more I can get away from not having to back things up.  I’m also working on using a more online photo library so, it’s less photos to back up.  Also to note.  Google Notebook is fucking amazing!  I use it all the time to write little notes to myself, or save links from the web.  They show up on my google personalized home page at work and at home, which is a convient way to remind me about my notes.  I sometimes transfer those notes to google docs, or the calendar.   Music is next on my list, but time will fix that problem.