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My finances a personal review

The past 2 months have been occupied with getting ready for the wedding, and other related events.  In the process of getting married, I have been in charge of our finances.  Which means I’ve been in the process of combining our finances and swtiching banks (I hate you suntrust!), Thanks WaMu (and Celly).  Now, I got most things straightened out and finances are looking great.  I’m on a very tight budget which means, I can’t buy whatever shit I want, and boy do I have a nice list going.  Regardless, it a good feeling when we can comfortably have a nice savings account, and pay the bills and still have some extra money to put towards credit cards.  I’m very proud of myself with how I’ve handled my/our money lately, and I think I’ve realized the importance to have a good financial foundation, cause it’s not just me getting by anymore, it’s us!