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My birthday is coming up and

I keep getting asked, “What do you want for your birthday?!” With such an on the spot question, I never have a good answer.  Until I started thinking about things that I want.  So I started a list:

A Craftsman Miter Saw, a Craftsman table saw, a really expensive shower razor with gel that could cost like 200 bucks.  A 26” LCD TV, ah forget that one I’m planning on stealing that.  Maybe a boat? OH OH OH, just remembered a 10″ portable dvd player.  I’ve been buying most of my clothes recently from Banana Repbulic, Bananas, Ba-na-nas, the shits Bananas, as I digress.  So gift cards for Banana Republic, but I will also take Gap gift cards as well.  Thank you and nice day!  God Speed.