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Moving to Perth, Australia

Panorama of the Perth, Western Australia Foreshore taken in the afternoon.

Well, that’s my mentality.  I’m living here in Perth, Australia till September on a TDY (temporary duty) for work.  I’ve moved into an apartment close to the base and near enough other things.  I’m still settling in and working on buying some groceries and other basic necessities.  I hope to explore some this weekend on things to do and keep me busy (maybe some horse back riding, or fishing charters).  Mandy is coming out here at the end of July for a few weeks to ‘live’ here too.  It’s a real sacrifice to be away from the family, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.  I hope to convince anyone else that wants to visit out here to come.  I’m staying in a spacious 3 bed 2 bath apartment in a gated community on a golf course with a community pool and jacuzzi (tempting?!?!  anyone? anyone?!?!).

Before I left Mandy and I threw a party so that I could see some people before I left, it was fun and I really appreciate the people that could make it so last minute!  I’ll try to keep you posted with what’s going on here and what not.  I let Mandy keep the camera to take pictures of things back home for me, so you may not see so many pictures from me, but I have the webcam on the laptop that I might use.