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Let me tell you what my middle name is

“Throw it the fuck out”   Zeus “Throw it the fuck out!” Sagimerio,  yes I changed my name from Ramon to “Throw it the fuck out!”, it includes the quotes and exlamation point! Why the hell did I change my name to that?  Well, Mandy is working on her to move in.  I’m finally doing some much needed cleaning of those nooks and cranies.  Now that our Holiday Party is over.  The house is coming along well, we just finished running some speaker wires down the wall (which was a real bitch to say the least), and I’ve been continuley getting rid of shit with the help of orlando.craigslist.com.  Mandy and I are also spending the holidays together for the first time which I’m looking forward to also.  As far as house projects go, I only have a few small ones, and they should be easy (all I have to do is provide a supply or two). 

Here’s my list of random shit I’m selling: