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I’m in Hawaii

Heh, this is a little random, crazy last minute, but work has sent me to hawaii, I can’t complain.  I’ve started to write a journal of my 14 hour trip here, and well here it is.  I’ll keep adding to it as things move along.  


My travels to Hawaii, I’ve been up since 7:30am because last night I rememebered at least three things I realized I either forgot, or needed to check.  1) I didn’t have any pens or pencils in my laptop bag (that’s really being that unprepared).  2) One of the documents I had I needed to make sure it was complete.  3) I didn’t have a notebook to write down notes, redlines, or anything else important.  

I headed out that morning to get my engineering notebook, and some donuts from Krispy Kreme.  I got back checked on my documents, and got some pens and pencils.  I was all set.  I checked the weather, and saw that it’s be wise for me to bring a light jacket.  I also remembered to  bring sun screen.  Got all those final things packed, showered, and Mandy took me to the airport. I have two lay overs one in Atlanta, and one in LA.  I have begun to write this on my way to Atlanta.  I’m excited to see the LA’s airport and the different people that are around.  I’m not looking forward to my next long flight to Hawaii, I hear it’s 5 hours or something incredible like that.  I got a message from Mike (co worker) who’s already arrived in Hawaii, that he can pick me up from the airport, and that’s he’s island hoping today (asshole).

As I type this on the plane on my work laptop, I feel very much like a true professional and adult. I could do some work related stuff, but it can wait.  I’m about to pop in one of the 5 movies I bought last night at Best Buy.  This is a big trip for me, cause it’s my first work related trip I’ve gone on by myself, and I’m a key player in the success of this delivery. 

<Layover in LA>

Mexicans make the best Guacamole!  I had some nachos with lots of guacamole. 

<Flight to Hawaii>

5 fuckin hours!  Damn will this return flight suck, but fortunately it’s overnight so I should be able to sleep some.  I believe it’s a direct to Atlanta, and then home to Orlando.   


Getting ready for work, I’ve uploaded some photos to Picassa.  In this order, look from my hotel room, view from a bridge close to hotel, place where we snorkled, and place where a geocache took us.

Hawaii Photos