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Ikea, how their instructions and return policy could be better

Ikea CabinetI purchased the set pictured at Ikea on Monday. I started putting it together around 4pm Monday and finished around 8pm, because the top drawer I installed upside down and the system it snapped into, didn’t really snap out as easy. The instructions are terrible because they have no words, just pictures. I love picture books, but I enjoy reading the occasional deep thought instruction on how to put this thing together. My ghetto fix which you can’t see is I used some Gorilla Glue.

Side Note: Gorilla Glue is the fucking shit! It’ll hold anything to anything, it’s amazing!!

Now as far as Ikea’s return policy; I purchased some shelves that I was going to put my DVD’s on. I’m not satisfied with how they look and hold on the wall. I checked on their return policy and they say I can return or exchange on unopened items. Well, that made me mad so I called the store and let them know I wasn’t satisfied with these shelves I bought. He was nice enough to inform me that it’s up to the store’s discretion on if they’ll give me store credit or exchange them for something else. They won’t give me a full refund. So Tuesday, I’ll let you know how things go….DVD Shelves

Oh and Monday I had to go back into Ikea 3 times cause I forgot the handles, and then the drawers for my cabinet set. Having everything separate is annoying if you don’t pay close attention.

So far Ikea’s been a big pain in the ass, but God bless their cheap prices for decent quality.