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I have friends.

Yes, I know that’s hard to believe cause all I do is sit at home working on my house watching my 51” HDTV. Yes, I have a girlfriend, hard to believe as well. Regardless this isn’t about the lovely MandyPants, this about my ‘lovely’ friends. I have a friend, we’ll call him Celly (don’t ask what?). He is a very dear friend and an absolutely genius in every way. However sometimes he doesn’t give me the credit I deserve, but that’s another subject. The genius that he is along with my cleverness of liking bleach, he created nobleach.com a beautiful site appreciating all clever shirts of the world. Now he thinks that because he showed off his site to me Monday, I in return posted about how much I like Bleach (not so my friend…..not so). If I don’t get a ‘hell yes’ from you, then…..I don’t know what I’ll do, maybe register hellno.com !