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I get married in 3 days.

And, I’m not scared, I’m just sad.  You ask why?  Well, I have a decent sized family, and with the politics of it all (which my mom made me deal with), there was much family we had to invite, and that I knew wouldn’t come, but I had to put some people on the B-List.  I had to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  My A-List was 50 people, and B-List was 25 or so.  I’m sad because some of the people on my B-List I really wanted to come, but they got the invite to late, or since it’s Easter weekend, or it just doesn’t work out.  I understand that.  My biggest reason I’m sad is some of my friends and family that I admire most can’t make the wedding for one reason or another, and there are people I just couldn’t invite.  Here’s my list as a sorry you can’t make it or I’m sorry I couldn’t invite you.

 These are the people that can’t make it;  My cousin Liz and her sister Jeanie plus their family, one of my favorite Uncles Fabio & my Aunt Melba, Joe Crack from DME, Mr. James Kawas, Mike and Jenn Pendrak, Kyle & Sam, Celly & Jamie, Carmen & Eddie, Jason & Crystal, and Jason Maris.  I really wish all these people could be at the wedding cause it would make it that much more memorable, but I understand and will think about you the day of the wedding.  

 These are the people that I just couldn’t invite for one reason or another;  Rob B, my big Brother Brian and his wife Sandy and kid, Joe Barbito and his wife, Phil McCrackin, Lindsay, Kevin & Amanda, Jen & her husband, the one and only Bill Dean, Tom Scott & Amy, and a few more!

Sincerely, you will all be missed on such an important day, all of my friends and family have help mold me to who I am today and continue to be.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done now and in the future.  I admire you all for everything you have done, and accomplished! 

Part of my toast on Saturday will be to you all so to that I say, “Salute”

 Update: I put links in for people’s names (I was lazy and busy before the wedding, now I’m just lazy again) wink