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Hello from

high in the sky!  I’m waving at you all from the air on my flight to New York City for the Dave Matthews Band Island Getaway at Randall’s Island NY, I definetely did the VIP Package and will be seeing Black Eyed Peas for the Sunday show, I’d rather see the Bare Naked Ladies (performing on Saturday), but regardless, it’ll be a fuckin awesome time.  I’ll be at the show with my cousin Tony, and I’ll spend the weekend with Tony, and Alan (he flew in Wednesday) for a birthday weekend celebration!  I look forward to the good good time!!  Thanks Mand for the ride to the airport (you’re a peach and carebear), even though I should have asked Eddie to do it because he owes me a couple drop-off’s and pick ups from the airport.  Have fun this weekend Banana with Marley, Cappy, Addy, and Mandy!!