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G’day Mate! Driving in Aussie Land

Finally they said it! I went to the convenience store for some food and someone said “G’day Mate” my response was very scintillating by saying, “Hey?! How are you doing?” He then realized….oh…American. His goodbye to me was, “Have a good Weekend.” So far hearing ‘G’day Mate’, ‘No Worries’, ‘Cheers’ (as a form of thanks), and bugger has been fun and makes me want to mimic the Australian accent.


Now driving around has been a bitch for me! I’m forced to use my left hand and the right side of my brain , something I’m not used to and definitely want to work on. I’m waiting to accidentally drive on the wrong side of the road, it hasn’t happened yet. My shift at work starts at 4am and I have to pay extra attention when there are no cars on the road for which side to drive on.  I have lost a hub cap though, I accidently hit the curb one morning while looking at the map….no worries!

It’s been good being here, work has been super busy and I haven’t had a chance to explore much, here are some of the photos so far.   I’m already working on a short less entertaining video, of walking up the SwanBells.

Perth, Australia