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Every few years

you just need that fresh, clean look.  And so I've updated the site again with a redesign.  Changed the colors removed some things, updated others, etc.  It's got the same layout, just things have been moved or removed.  For those that are not using an RSS reader hope you enjoy it, and for those that are; Click here.  My inspiration was my new Control Panel theme, with it's color scheme.   I'm sure this will last a few years like the last one. 

The other part of my inspiration is WordPress, I really love the clean control panel interface, super intuitive and easy to use.  It also seems like there are much better plugins, extensions, modules, etc for it then expression engine.  I'm still trying to get my vigor back for expression engine, I'm close, and I hope to find either an export tool to port over to WordPress or find some good plugins/extensions/modules to hold me over for another 3 years.  Regardless, I got more functionality out of my tinymce tools, and I just need to figure out what is worth while to put on the side bar.  A little help?