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Eddie met Dave Matthews!

Finally after 8 years of going to shows, Eddie finally met the man himself!  Eddie met him before the Columbus, OH show.  He wasn’t planning on going to this show, but a friend from work was a 10 year Warehouse member and had 7th row seats dead center seats and an extra ticket.  He couldn’t pass it up.  A few days before, the warehouse member got an email saying he could do a meet and greet or just go back stage.  Well of course he choose a meet and greet.

They had to meet at 6:45pm by the front gate and were taken back stage next to a green room. On their walk back they meet Jeff Coffin (the saxophonist temporarily replacing Leroy Moore).  While they waited a few minutes Dave came out and started going down the line signing things and taking pictures.  Eddie and his friend were in the middle of the line and Dave finally got up to him. Eddie had a quaint conversation mentioning he and his wife loved Dave’s music and how his wife is at home because they didn’t have any tickets for the show. Eddie says that Dave is about my height as nice and charming as you see him on tv.

Anyways Eddie got a poster signed and his picture.

The show was even better knowing he met him just a few hours before they went on.  I’m so happy that one of us finally got to meet Dave Matthews in person!