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Divorce the best thing to happen to your finances!

Ok, I really don’t mean that title, but I need to hook you some how!  It’s official, back in June of this year I was officially divorced to the most amazing woman I have ever known.  She still inspires me through her spirit and hope she continues to be blessed. I don’t wish divorce for anyone and have learned so many things about relationship that I will write about soon enough.  The point of this though is not that announcement, it is:

I have paid off $15,000 in credit card debt in 11 months!

Crazy to think about it.  I have sold so much shit, people think I’ve gone off the deep end but that’s another part of my life I’m working towards (minimalism, another post on that soon too).  I have sacrificed and not done many things I wanted to or normally would have.  This year I finally started a budget that has turned me around, because it was a spreadsheet easy to follow and fill in and stick to!!!  I have gotten a roommate for extra income, I have not gone on trips to see Dave Matthews Band.  I have not given people gifts like I usually would have.

For many years my mom would find out my yearly salary and would say where did all that money go?!  Now I can say, “Listen B**ch (Puta), it went to credit card debt!!”  But I’d really say, “Mira, pague todas las tarjeta de credito!”  It feels good to know where your money goes, to feel like you got a raise, to not pay late fees or interest, to know that you can leave below your means!!!

In addition, this year I was able to enjoy my money as well.  I flew to Vegas for a bachelor party and gambled my ass off in cash!  I gave generously to my best friend’s wedding which I had to fly to in DC.  I donated money to a number of charities.  I gave a few gifts.  I threw my friends a party and had DB II at Vintage Lounge downtown buying 5 bottles in the VIP area!!!  Paid for a $1,500 surgery for Hannah torn ACL.  Traveled to the Bahamas.

For many years I have listened to the Dave Ramsey Show Podcast, and have enjoyed his straight forward, simple, down to earth, southern style of finances.

I’m still not done,  I have a home equity line I plan to pay off by January 2013.  It’s gonna be another tough year but the sacrifice is going to be worth it in the end.

Thanks to all that have supported me and to Dave Ramsey’s plan.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!  Salute!

Living like no one else, so later I can GIVE like no one else!