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Dear Rain

Thank you sooo much for, well you know doing what you do best, pour buckets of water from the sky, some call it percipitation.  Anyways, I specifically wanted to thank you for watering my lawn, the stalks of grass go up my dog’s ass when she shits (she’s mad at me for that).  I told her it’s not my fault that she needs to talk to Rain.  So she bites at the water that falls, and rolls on her back trying to squish you.  Regardless, Thank you.  I also want to Thank you for re-washing my car.  I paid some mexican 30 dollars to detail my car and well, while I’m driving the Jeep away your ‘tears from heaven’ begin.  Thanks.  Also rain when you cum and I mean that in the sexual sense, please don’t bring those huge flash bulbs of light, they seem like they would hurt something like my house, or my Sony 51” HD-TV.  Again thanks for understanding.

I like rain like the next person especially while we all sleep, however when you don’t get a fuckin chance to do something outside it kinda sucks!!