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Day 1: Cabo Did Not Disappoint

After our 8-hour voyage, we weren’t even 15 minutes off the plane before I was ready to have an altercation with one of the airline passengers… allow me to explain: We departed our plane in Cabo del Something and were waiting in line to check in thru customs. While Zeus and I were the next ones in line to get in the next line, we noticed that a family and a woman traveling by herself had CUT THE LINE! NOT OK! Allow me to pause here to tell you that the family that cut, was he family of the “dad” in the movie “Coming to America” … yea, you know the one, the “dad “ of the “daughter” that Eddie Murphy’s character falls in love with! So the “c-list” actor whose name NO ONE could remember, and his family have “cutsies” (Dane Cook term). Well then, another woman decides to “cut” the line, which is not OK! So, guess who ends up behind her? That’s right… the Cubano y the white girl…. Well, folks I’ve got news for you, the white girl was raised to NOT cut lines, to mind my Ps and Qs and to obey proper etiquette rules… thus we did not “cut” the line; but we did end up behind the “puta” who did…. And you know she turned around, looked at me, and I had to say something… it went like this…. Me: “You realize you just cut in front of all of these people “ (about 12 mind you) Puta: She looks me up and down…. Me: “I’m just sayin…” Puta: “Thanks for sharing…” OMG, had I been channeling my inner “sista” (and my “sista’s” know who they are) I would have drop kicked that girl from Cabo to Guadalajara)…. (And as a side note, she was clearly unaware of the “if you cut in line” rule, in which you NEVER, EVER look behind you, because chances are, there are some very upset people who just might say something.) Needless to say, when I went to the restroom she “tried” to make amends con mi esposo in which he looked at her and rolled his eyes as if to say… “don’t even try me puta!” It was at that moment that I wish I spoke Spanish, but low and behold, said “puta” was Hispanic… LA Mexican we decided. Customs took at least two hours to get through…. And we finally made it to the hotel… oh wait… did I mention it was raining…. And just as we pulled into the hotel, it started down pouring. (Just so you know, I’ve left the part out where Zeus gets into a verbal argument with a Mexican over the transportation issue; let’s just not go there people, there was a lot of Spanish exchanged). So we finally made it to the hotel, and while trying to find our building (there were 16 it seemed) we stopped at a bar and threw back a margarita! In the rain, with luggage and all, we just needed a pause from the already LONG day we had endured. And since we can make friends anywhere we go, we met Benny and Jean from Las Vegas! They were fun to chat with and we might even hang out with them later this week; we did after all run into them at dinner… and we were STARVING b/c it was almost 7pm by the time we got checked in and found drinks and met our new friends EAST COAST TIME! So, we had dinner: were supposed to meet them at the bar, but here I sit, 7:53 Cabo time (10:53 EST) and I’m writing this blog… too tired (perhaps too old) to enjoy he nightlife… Ce la vie I say… until tomorrow or perhaps Wednesday… Mandy & Zeus