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Dave Matthews Band tour dates

came out yesterday morning 9:20am to be precise.  I’ve had discussions with her if we’re going to any show(s), and I was given an option, Vegas for my birthday or DMB in NY at Randall’s Island like last year (when i went with cousin Tony).  I’ve opted for Vegas definetely (go all out gamble $1,000 bucks!) and see some bad ass shows and Mandy can do some crazy shopping (she shops for me now clothing wise, just one less thing I have to do).  Life is amazing, I am really blessed to have the things I do, and be fortunate to have such an amazing fiancé!  Just to elaborate on this woman, I’ve never dated a woman that actually cares enough to say, “Hey, you took me out to a really nice dinner the other day, let me buy you this $70 dollar cologne.” But what’s even better is she buys me things all the time for no reason!  Yeah I know that makes me look bad, but I spend plenty of money on her and she definetely recognizes it and APPRECIATES IT, she can’t stop saying, “Thank you!” So, “Thank you to you Mandy Pants Fiancé” Fiancé is her new last name….