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Connecting your Cingular 3125 to your Mac in Leopard for Internet access

At my parents house, they have dial-up and well…..you know…. Anyways, sometimes I’d love to use my laptop to access some things online and well here are the steps to connect your Cingular 3125 via BlueTooth to your Mac using Leopard for Internet Access on Cingular’s Network:

You’ll have hopefully already connect your 3125 to your laptop via bluetooth with Mark/Space Missing Sync for Windows Mobile (well worth the money!). Or you don’t necessarily need Missing Sync, but I haven’t done it the other way (you should just connect it with the bluetooth settings…I know not much help).

1) Now go download this Ross Barkman’s IPAQ PDAs modem script and have it sit in your /Library/Modem Script FolderDirectory Location

2) You’ll then go to your Bluetooth settings in System Preferences and go to the ‘Configure this device….’ for the selected device.
Configure this Device..

2) Access the Itnernet with your phone’s data connection and then click Continue
Share this Internet Connection on 3125

3) Enter and select exactly the following as shown below.
Phone Vendor: Other
Phone Model: IPAQ GSM
Password: CINGULAR1
Phone Number: *99#

Finish clicking continue with the defaults.
Bluetooth Assistant

4) Now go to your network properties and select Bluetooth and enter the same information and password from above. Don’t forget to hit Apply when you’re done.
Network Settings

That should be it, you should be able to hit Connect and it should connect to your phone via bluetooth and you’ll be able to browse the Internet at around dial up speeds, but sometimes just a hair faster. Now you’ll be using your data plan on your phone. This should also work for the Cingular 2125, Cingular 8125. Hope this helps some people using Leopard and a Windows Mobile Device!