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Coming Soon; The Engagment Party

Things are moving along nicely, bridesmaid dresses are in, a florist is in the works, a wedding cake has been picked out. And our biggest excitment is our engagment party October 28th November 11th being held at the lovely Mrs. Linda Taylor’s beautiful home! I’ll answer your immediate question, it’s not halloween themed. 😉 Invitations will be sent out soon. We’ve also taken our engagement photos and they turned out amazing! I’ve updated The Wedding Page and I still need to put something together as far as photos. As far as wedding planning you’re caught up. I’m finally done picking my groosmen whom are; Big Jay, Critchet, Eddie, and Cameron. As for Mandy’s line up it’s; Katy, Laura, Jill, and Meredith. I’ll put some information about them on The Wedding Page later.