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Audiobooks, Itunes, and

me; Yes I purchased an Audiobook with Celly’s goodwill gift-card that I received just before the holidays. Fortunately I didn’t spend it on some stupid music that I would only like one song of the whole album, instead I purchased, ‘The DaVinci Code’ by Dan Brown, very good so far and I can say I read a book afterwards. Problem is Itunes restrictions with this download. I burnt the seven – two hour tracks on to a CD-R and when I copied them to my home PC it had to register the files and make sure I had enough privilege to listen to this audiobook on my home PC. BULLSHIT! I say, I understand these restrictions but it gives you only 5 ‘registrations’ after it won’t let you listen to the audiobook. You want me to convert the m4b file to mp3? Great idea there’s a way but it’s a bitch and I don’t have the patience or time to deal with that insanity. Regardless of all this I’m happy to listen to this book, and I’ve used notepads twice since I wrote this post. Cheers my good people.