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Ask the car expert!

Have a car question, I’m the man!  Have a computer question? I’m the man!  Have a home repair question?  I’m the man!  Aight, enough of that.  Tuesday night, I fixed my car!  What was it doing?  Well, when you tried to start it, it would begin the process of starting the car, but not ‘turn over’ so it would go, crank crank crank crank crank (continuously)  It’d have to do this a few times to finally start the car.  We knew it wasn’t an alternator or battery issue, and by process of elimination were able to determine it to be electrical.  We decided to replace the spark plug wires, Distributer Cap and Rotor, and the Distributor Coil!  I did most of the work myself with one final tool provided by Eric (he’s also got photos of the fun).  It was another successful car tune up!  I always get a little nervous working on my car, but this time turned out pretty smooth!  My understanding of cars continues to grow and with the help of my mechanic Critchet and part time mechanic Eric, I’m all set!