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And we’re back!

It’s good to be back, even though Aruba was beautiful, amazing, and fun! It was 7 days of straight sun tanning with a nice cool breeze to cool you from the heat (I’ll have pictures soon). We met some great people there and for the record all-inclusive is freaking awesome! I never realized how great it is to drink all day and not have to worry about tipping or signing a bill! Mandy and I loved our Jeep Safari through some of the treacherous mountains of Aruba! The people are amazing, being able to speak at least 3-5 languages each. We realized how great of a place it is to visit because most everyone we meet had been return visitors and on their either 11th or 45th trip back (of course they had time shares). The beaches are beautiful and inviting with cool water.

Now thinking back….How was the Wedding?!??!? Did you have fun!?!? That was our main goal, everyone couldn’t stop talking about our first dance! It was a beautiful simple and sweet ceremony, and the reception was just light and fun. We of course had our classic one wasted girl (I’ll have pictures soon of that). The cake was my favorite part, and I think everyone was generally happy to see Mandy and I happy. We got so many compliments on how different and fun we made the ceremony and reception, but at the same time new it was a serious commitment that we’ve made to each other. Thanks so much for all the people that have flown or drove from all the different places around the country and world to be at the wedding. We love you and appreciate it so much!