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An exhausting weekend

Hannah ShavedThis past weekend was exhausting for me.  It was uber productive, almost too productive.  I say that because Friday I left work a little early, and went to the grocery store, after dropping off the purchases, I went to happy hour with some drinks at TGI Friday’s.  After stumbling home, I did some things on both websites this one, and heyzeusandmandy.org.  Saturday morning Mandy and I went to Spider-Man 3.  I had sent out an email earlier in the week and invited a whole bunch of friends and NO ONE went!  Oh well, I know how much of a loser I am to see a movie at 9:45am.  Regardless it was a good movie, not great, but not bad.  There’s my Spider-Man 3 review.  After returning from the movie, I started trimming some trees in the yard, played raquetball, then returned trimming trees.  I stopped working in the yard and hot sun about 5pm.  That night I cooked dinner and we relaxed watching the Saturday Night HBO movie of The Break Up.  It’s a sad funny movie cause you really want to see them together in the end (but they left it open for maybe a sequel?).  Sunday I was up early helping Eric install his attic ladder.  It took only an hour to install, and I was back home to work on more tasks for my house.  Mandy was up by then, and together we finally put away the rest of our wedding gifts, and got rid of more previously owned items (like old plates, silverware, an old blender, etc.).  It’s great cause the house is finally back together, looking orderly (it feels good).  After organizing the kitchen, I decided the wash down the back porch.  My intentions were to pressure wash it with my neighbor’s pressure washer, however the piece of shit didn’t start.  So I resorted to my hose and finger, and created my own pressure washer.  Not exactly the same pressure but it works.  After that Mandy and I were talking about shaving Hannah, I made a phone call and they were able to take her right away.  We hope this helps with the shedding, she looks a little funny, but it’s really not to bad.  I was really against shaving her, but I think it be helpful.  After dropping Hannah Banana off, I played James again in raquetball.  When I returned home, Mandy had started writing her Thank You cards….finally!  We left again to return a gift to Bed Bath & Beyond, and to pick up groceries at Target.  Finally with picking up Hannah we returned home and cooked dinner.   It was a long productive weekend, and well worth all the effort.  Next weekend for Mother’s day we’re taking momma Miriam to Disney!Hannah Shaved