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Traveling, movies, boats, and focusing


I love traveling, but I know my limits.  More than 2 weeks in any one place I start to really miss home.  But I’ve never really traveled to some place I’ve wanted to stay longer than 2 weeks and I hope in 2013, I will go to Anncey, France to go to the Fet du Lac.  Now I love movies and I’ve realized it’s because it’s such a focus.  Distractions now a day are so common it’s not even funny.  Which brings me to ever since I was a little boy I always loved being on the water and on a boat, and finally this year I had my famous ‘f*ck it’ moment and purchased a 18′ 2012 Carolina Skiff JVX.  I’ve already enjoyed it a half dozen times in two weeks and plan to enjoy it for lots of fishing, camping and cruising.  I realized at the ripe age of 32 if I don’t do it now I may never.  For 2 years now I’ve been aggressively saving for my retirement plan which is to own a 36′ marlow yacht and cruise the Caribbean with crazy bitches which are hot models. All in all, I’ve realized the level of focus required for certain tasks really changes your experience.  So next time you’re really enjoying something notice how much you’re focusing or putting your all into something.  It probably means it’s something you need to pursue or do even more.