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Hitting Rock Bottom and Changing

So as I continually try to improve upon my perfectness.  I realized what others have said before.  To change you have to it ‘rock bottom’, you have to be ‘sick and tired’ or whatever other saying there is…. I realized last November, that I was sick and tired of living a financially irresponsible life.  I was not being a man, not being a grown up.

Last November, I had a negative balance in my bank account and wasn’t getting paid for 10 days.  I was like how the fuck am I going to pay for gas!?!?  I couldn’t use a credit card and I was not asking my parents for money.  Luckily when you’re desperate you become resourceful and that’s what I did and have done the past 8 months.  For the first time in a long time I’m finally on a budget, living below my means, paying off my debt and saving some money!  It feels good to ‘get a raise’ (cause you’re on a budget), pay off 4k in 5 months, take my friends out on a big night on the town, and blow lots of money in Vegas.

I tell you this not because of my finances but because it’s hard to change.  It’s hard to want to change!  I see so many people with so much potential but I can’t help them, they need to want to change, they need to be sick and tired, or hit rock bottom.  I know a girl that is a functional alcoholic, she has such potential, such power, such life, and it’s sad to see someone just live such an average life.  To see someone not be an a responsible adult.  It’s sad to see people overweight, but there’s nothing you can do unless they want to change.  They have to hit a wall or something; ie., not fit into their pants so they lose weight, get a DUI so they stop drinking, get arrested so they stop hanging with bad people, get into some sort of serious trouble to really change.  I hate wishing people to hit rock bottom, but I sometimes feel that way.

I’m with the movement that the more things you do that scare you (not illegal things), but things that….may hurt someone by cutting them out of your life, or starting a company, or sky diving, or anything that someone else has tried that you thought you could never or would never do is…life changing.  Life changing enough for you to need to change.

I was terrified to do bikram yoga (hot yoga) but I did it and owned it!  Next on my list is to go play paintball and expect for it to hurt like a bitch.  I’ve also been going through the house getting rid of stuff that I don’t need to keep even if it’s useful and it’s scary to get rid of good things but liberating.  I haven’t come up with a full list of scary things to do but I’m working on it, suggestions always welcome…